• World-leading Position Technology, All Constellations Supported

• Inertial Measurement + GNSS Positioning, More Accurate and Faster

• Up to 60° Tilt Angle, More Convenient to Measure in Difficult Terrain

• HD 1.3-inch Color LCD Screen, More Suitable for Field Work

• 10,000 mAh battery, A Whole-day Working With only One Recharge

Outstanding GNSS performance

Equipped with new generation the most powerful GNSS RTK engine with 965 channels,C8 can track signal from all

consatellations including B3 signal of BDS satellites. Its high-performance GNSS antenna is upgraded with strong

anti-interference ability and sensitive satellite signal capture ability, to track more satellite in harsh environment.

system is much higher, it can be adapt to the job of longer uninterrupted power.

Inertial Measurement, a technology that greatly improves efficiency

The latest inertial measurement technology is onboard with C8. The tilt survey is no more affected by the earth's

magnetic field and requires no correction. It can be activated and start working within only few seconds. With a

maximum tilt angle of 60 °, there is no need for centering, this fast positioning will increase measurement speed by

over 30%. The combination algorithm of IMU + GNSS can get fixed solution faster and keep measurement results

more stable.

Farlink protocol, Improved Functions and Higher Performance

Adopts an internal radio with 3W maximum transmission power to achieve the working range up to 15km through

“Far-link” protocol. The transmission bandwidth becomes large, which perfectly solves the problem of large data

volume of multiple constellations transmission. And the power consumption can reduce about 60% in the same

amount of data transmission compare to the traditional RTK.

10,000 mAh Battery, A whole-day working With only one recharge

10,000 mAh battery, a whole-day working With only one recharge.Support fast-charge.Adopt

Type-C interface design, which be fully charged within 3.5 hours. 6-28V DC supply voltage with

overvoltage protection.And T9Pro supports battery pole supply mode, increasing extra working

time 5 hours.