Affiliated factory

Guangzhou GNSS product factory

Guangzhou GNSS product factory has more than 300 engineers, who are dedicated in R&D, manufacturing and testing high-precision GNSS products. Its products mainly consist of Beidou Mainboard, Integrated RTK GNSS Surveying System, Handheld GIS Data Collecting System, CORS System, Dual-frequency Echo Sounder System, relevant surveying software, etc.

Changzhou Total Station Factory

The Changzhou Total Station factory ,founded in 1995,with 330 staff members and 12,800 square meter factory ,produce the big range of product such as Total Station, Auto Level, Digital Level, Distance meter. It is the 2nd biggest Total Station Factory in China, with the capacity 25,000 pcs for Total Station per year.

Wuhan Prism factory

The factory in Wuhan,the 1st factory specialized for Prism in China,is mianly for Reflector Prism and Laser Instruments .With a dynamic team of 300 staff members, and the 160,000-square-feet factory delivers 80,000 Reflector Prisms, 100,000 Tribraches with Plummet as well as a large number of Laser Levels and Line Lasers.

Changzhou Accessories Factory

Factory # 2 in Changzhou,is mianly for Auto Level,Tripod and Prism Pole. With the 200,000-square-foot factory, and 100 staff ,it can bring out 20,000 Auto Level,100,000 Tripods and 50,000 Prism Poles a year.