“TIAN YU AWARD”--The fourth national college students surveying skills competition is about to start.

Date:January  27, 2016  View:4443



The fourth national college students surveying skills competition is supported by the GUANGZHOU TIANYU OPTICAL&ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENT CO,LTD ,the brand of SOUTH and will be held at July 2016 in Agricultural University of the Inner Mongol.


The national college students surveying skills competition is sponsored by educational surveying university teaching committee, national surveying and geographic information bureau guidance center and China surveying and geographic information educational committee.


Up to now, this competition held three times, got many attentions and supports from all sectors of the society, meanwhile got the each school’s teachers and students’ strong welcome and active participation which lead to positive promotion and development.


All the instruments in this competition  will be provided by GUANGZHOU TIANYU OPTICAL&ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENT CO,LTD, the exclusive title sponsor. As the national big competition, has the high level of all the instruments, whether GNSS, total station or balance level, all the instruments should be in high accuracy and quick measurement, have stable survey and acceptable deviation between the same type instruments to carry on the accurate and fair competition. Keeping the high level production standards and seek the greatest accuracy, the five production bases of GUANGZHOU TIANYU seek to the perfect satisfaction for engineering users or the instruments use of competition.


GUANGZHOU TIANYU, as the expert of complete surveying solution, can not forget the social responsibility during the own developing time, vigorously promoting the surveying educational cause, and contributing own ability to build more professional and technical talents.



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